Battle Begins In
Battle Begins In

Thug [228]

S4T4N [124]

iKrA [191]

Slayer [216]

JiZZ [146]
Summer | Original

Server Informations

Season2 Server with 97d+99b items on Classic 1.02r

Exp: x1000 Dynamic
Limit Resets: 10
Max. Stats: 6300/7300
Limit Grand Reset: Unlimited, the more grand reset - the more Credits!
Limit accounts per computer : 2 (IP 3)
Every hour find and seek event: Lorencia and Noria
Automatic Events: Drop, Pvp, Quiz  and more
Kalima7 Monsters drop: 380 weapons and armors :axe:  (Faster than Original server)
Arena: Ancient drop
AFK System-Auto BUFF: /attack 1 1 7 #afk-skills 
Offattack: Vip / Offstore: Normal
Season2 Events: all enable
Excellent option: Life/8 on  changed in to Increase ignore 1%
Excellent option: Mana/8 on changed in to Increase double damage 1%
Excellent option: Increase mana +4% changed in to increase hp +100
Excellent option: Increase zen 40% by monster changed in to increase base defense +50
Mini Bosses and Open World Bosses
Monsters spots: 4 and 5
380 Weapons Upgrade: Rare, Epic and Legendary from day 1.
Jewel drop rates: Higher
Machine rates: Default +10%  (Easier than Original server)
Jewel upgrade: Default +10%  (Faster than Original server)
Check our video guides #video-guides 
Every single in-game command   #commands 
Discord LINK : https://discord.gg/by8bKaYehX

Monster HP Bar
AFK system, " /attack 1 1 7 " - AFK, AUTO BUFF, Auto pick up Zen,Jewels and Excellent/Ancient items
Store selling for jewel system, " /store bless " you can sell for soul,harmony,life,chaos and bless e.x /store life, store soul.
Automatically Reconnection after Disconnect, keep attacking on same spot aswell.
Reconnect party, you can switch character for trade e.t.c and then join again with your main character, still on same party without any command.
Premium: Server Files, Antihack, Website, Launcher, x2 Host
Donate / Vote / Events : Credits

Posted25 / 05 / 2021

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